Lanzarote by the sea
Landscape and street scenes from the Canary Island of Lanzarote, showcasing its natural beauty and touristic allure.
Vanishing Horizons
Capturing the transient beauty of diverse coastal landscapes through the interplay of time and natural forces.
Autumn's Crimson Canopy
Exploring the stark beauty of a transformed forest in its autumnal glory.
Reshaping Spaces: Unveiling Urban Lives
London's council housing tower blocks in a novel and intriguing light.
Deconstructed Architecture
London's office buildings are revealed through the enchantment of glass skyscrapers and their intricate designs, capturing their dynamic interplay of light.
The Neighborhood
An intimate portrayal of navigating unfamiliar terrain after a transformative move.
London Souvenir
Street Shots 2014 - 2017
Pussy Bites Back
Women's March. London, 21 January 2017.
Love is a Human Right
Pride in London 2016. London, 25 June 2016.
March for Aleppo
Solidarity march for Aleppo's people. London, 17 December 2016.
Ditch Dodgy Dave
National march for health, homes, jobs and to ask for an end to the austerity policy. London, 16 April 2016.
Capturing candid street portraits across bustling London streets, each revealing a unique glimpse into urban lives and expressions.
The Essex Commuter
A series of portrait of my travel friends on my everyday way to London.
Silent Gardens of London
Exploring London's Victorian cemeteries, where the past and present meld in a timeless embrace.
Behind the Glass
Capturing the diverse lives and inner thoughts of individuals on their daily commute to work, reflecting a tapestry of personal histories and challenges.
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