I am an Italian photographer based in England, and my journey into photography began after the age of 40. My focus lies in storytelling, mainly through landscapes, which encompass seascapes, cityscapes, and urban landscapes. Through my lens, I strive to capture the profound interaction between people and their environments.
My goal is to show how the environment influences humans and the dynamic ways in which humans interact with and impact the ever-changing landscapes they inhabit. Embarking on this photographic path later in life has granted me a unique perspective, enriched by a wealth of experiences that fuel my creative vision.
I aim to create thought-provoking images that share the untold stories of these places, inspiring a deeper understanding of our profound connection with the world around us.
In my ongoing pursuit, I hope to instill in others an appreciation for the transformative power of the environment, fostering a deeper awareness of its profound impact on our lives.
Manuel Sechi
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